"The future ain't what it used to be."
  - Peter Senge

Nothing is affecting education more than the relentless wave of new technologies. Technology is providing teachers and students with powerful instructional tools that have the potential to dramatically increase the learning experiences of students. But in order to be effective, both teachers and students must learn techniques that are different than traditional ones.

This lesson looks at how instructors can utilize the power of current technologies. This will not be a technology primer, but rather a guide to how to integrate technology into your classroom teaching. These modules provide just an overview so you can begin to learn what might work for you. There are links to campus resources where you can be trained in how to use these technologies.

- by Andy Howard

This module contains the following main readings:

  1. Using Technology in the Classroom
  2. Using the Web to Enhance a Traditional Course
  3. Hybrid or Blended Courses
  4. Internet Research

Knowledge Check

A web enhanced course is one that:

A. meets in class but has significant materials on the web.
B. allows distance study since all materials are on the web.
C. meets on-line in a synchronous mode and not in the classroom.
D. duplicates in-class and on-line activities to allow both near and far study.





By the end of this module you should be able to:

1. Use PowerPoint presentations in the classroom to enhance learning.

2. Define the options available for use of the Web to enhance traditional courses.

3. Describe methods to develop and deliver Internet research assignments for use in your classes.


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