Top 5 Picks for Issues Relating to Cyberspace Laws

Introduction To Cyberspace
Maggie Chon, Seattle University School of Law

What is Cyberspace? Who Governs and is Governed in Cyberspace? How Does Law Operate in Cyberspace?

Copyright in Cyberspace
Stacey Dogan, Northeastern University School of Law

Who, if anyone, "owns" the content that travels through cyberspace? What rights flow from such ownership? How much control should content owners have over the use and dissemination of their works over the Internet?

Personal Information in Cyberspace
Ann Bartow, University of Dayton School of Law

This module examines online data collection techniques, and then explores the framework of privacy protections for personal information collected from individuals in cyberspace.

Keith Aoki, University of Oregon School of Law

Privacy is not synonymous with secrecy. To quote Eric Hughes of the Cypherpunks, "[a] private matter is something one doesn't want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn't want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to reveal oneself selectively to the world." Strong encryption (such as "Public-Key" cryptography) makes privacy possible in an increasingly digitized electronic world, thereby enabling an open society.

Kenneth D. Crews, Indiana Univ. School of Law - Indianapolis and Indiana Univ. School of Library and Information Science

Electronic communication and delivery systems raise challenging questions about the effectiveness of traditional law. As business transactions occur increasingly in a computer-networked environment, the law sometimes falls short of meeting its goals or the objectives of the parties. The essential body of applicable law is contracts. Even simple purchases, whether over the counter or from an Internet website are contracts.

Top Picks for Copyright

Academic Freedom, Privacy, Copyright and Fair Use in a Technological World
California Academic Senate
US Copyright Law
U.S. Copyright Office.
The Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Educational Fair Use
This site covers areas such as research, writing, multimedia projects, video/sound recordings, and so on besides giving a good general overview.
Copyright Overview - Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute
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