Here are some ways to apply what you've learned ...

Professional Development
  • Share your ideas through the link at the end of this page. 

In the Classroom
  • Skills and Strategies:  Share this website with your students. Ask them to review the resources, locate a piece of advice that looks helpful, apply it for a week, and report back on its effectiveness.  You might offer extra credit for those who will give a two minute report to the class.
  • Note taking:  Each time you lecture, select one specific tip from Lesson 6 section on note taking. Ask your students to pay special attention to it and practice it that day.

    Another option on note taking improvement:  After you present five or ten minutes of lecture, have students exchange their notes with someone else. Ask them to determine whether their notes were as clear or as complete as the other person's.

    Then ask, "Was there something you particularly liked in the other person's set of notes?" and suggest they consciously begin incorporating, into their own note taking, good ideas from others regarding style and technique.

  • Encourage resilience in your students. Sometimes telling students how others overcame adversity is helpful.  Patricia Smith of Riverside Community College shares the story linked here The story of the founder of Wendy's restaurants is also inspirational.  Described on the Wendy's website, his own experiences with adoption and foster care encouraged him to found  If you would like to share an inspirational story about one of your students who exercised resilience, please use the link below.  Be sure to point out that it is "an inspirational story." 

Building Campus Community
  • Pay a visit to the offices on your campus that help students.  Develop a relationship with the staff who regularly assist your college's students.  They can often offer ideas and support that can help you meet the unique needs of your students.  
    • Tutorial Services
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Learning Assistance Center |