Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
 - Thomas Jefferson

Your students have chosen an exciting and challenging place for their education. However, a successful education grows from a partnership between the students and the college staff. Each has a unique contribution to make toward a student's educational success. Many support services are available to assist our diverse student population in achieving educational, career, personal, and social goals essential for their success. Your awareness of Student Support Services can be the key to your students' educational success. This lesson will allow you to become familiar with the wide variety of federal, state, and locally developed student support services.

Upon completion of this lesson, you will have an understanding of the resources available for your students who are in need of assistance.

Student As Partner

Students are embarking upon a new challenge as they enter college. They will be expected to assume far more responsibility for their education and the management of their lives. They will begin to make key choices in creating their future. As they become more familiar with college services available to them, they will be better prepared to meet these new responsibilities and take full advantage of this opportunity to shape their futures.

Faculty As Partner

We as faculty have responsibilities also. In addition to our obvious roles in the classroom, we must help them learn to use the college system. To that end, we should have knowledge of the diverse student support services offered.
Some of these services are mandated by State legislation while others are created by colleges to meet their particular needs. The Read section contain descriptions of services available to students on nearly all of the California Community College campuses. Later you will have the opportunity to link to your individual college campus and learn specifics about these and other services available for your student population.


By the end of this module you should be able to:

1. Describe the purpose and value of matriculation and the roles of the Admissions and Records, Counseling, and Financial Aid offices.

2. Provide information to your students about Health Services, Psychological Services, and Career Services.

3. Describe the role of the Ombudsperson, the library, tutorial services, student activities, Disabled Student Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, Veterans Services, and the International Student Center.



Knowledge Check

The primary purpose of matriculation is to:

A. file state mandated student demographic statistics.
B. evaluate student records for prerequisite attainment.
C. properly complete the student admission documents.
D. match college programs and services to student goals.