Top 5 Picks for Students with Disabilities

Chancellor’s Office Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S)
California Community College Chancellor's Office Disabled Students Programs and Services Resource Handbook; includes a comprehensive overview of the laws related to disabled students.
BOBBY Website Evaluation Tool
A free service provided by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) to help web page authors identify and repair significant barriers to access by individuals with disabilities.
Association on Higher Education and Disability
An international, multicultural organization of professionals committed to full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities; some areas of the site are limited to members.
List of Electronic Resources on Disability
Websites, electronic journals, and electronic discussion lists offer a broad range of topical coverage related to the concerns of those with disabilities.
Frequently Asked Questions on Students with Disabilities.

Top 5 Picks for Dealing with Diversity

Diversity Web
An interactive resource web for higher education developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.
Teaching Tolerance
A national education project dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect and understanding in the classroom and beyond.
Test Yourself for Hidden Bias
Test to measure your unconscious bias; includes resources on stereotypes and the effects of bias.
Responding to Hate at School
A Web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, encourages people from all walks of life to "fight hate and promote tolerance." - includes downloads for many documents such as a model Respect Policy and 10 Ways to Fight Hate.
Creating Inclusive College Classrooms
A paper by Shari Saunders and Diana Kardia of the Center for Research in Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan.