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The Measure section in each module includes a six question multiple-choice quiz. Our goal is not to make the quizzes an impossible hurdle, but instead to assess if you have read the materials and learned about key topics. Questions for each quiz are taken from the Discover section and the main Read pages of this module. The quizzes are not timed and you may refer back to the materials within the module if necessary. Questions may change from user to user, but the topics and range of difficulty remain the same.

To take the quiz simply click the button above. Read each question and select the appropriate answer. Your quiz is submitted and calculated only when the "Submit" button is pressed at the end of each quiz. The system should not penalize you if your Internet connection is lost. If you have technical difficulties while taking a quiz, your answers may be lost and you might have to start over again.

You will be permitted only three (3) attempts* to achieve the 70% score necessary to "pass." If you score less than 70%, you may take all the time you need to study the material before attempting it again. The testing system will only deliver those questions you answered incorrectly when you take a quiz for the second time.

* Should you score less than 70% after three tries, and wish to appeal to retake a quiz, please contact your college's project coordinator. They may want to discuss the lesson with you. If they are satisfied that you understand the information in the lesson they will ask the course webmaster to reset the quiz for a retake. No more than one reset is allowed. Please be aware that the appeal process may take several days.