This map was constructed following a pre-read for the article written by Bill Buford "Among Thugs." It is found on page 48 in your textbook.

Topic: European soccer fans/crowd mentality at a European soccer match


The spectators attending European soccer matches act like animals.
the crowd moves in stampedes

the crowd has its own language

the human excrement is similar to what one may expect in a animal pen
As the match progresses,  one seems to start to crave the goal.
feelings of anticipation

the match starts to exclude all other thoughts

the match dominates your senses
out of control
The author will be critical about the behavior of European Soccer fans.

Regardless of your mental state, it is difficult to avoid succumbing to the crowd mentality when attending a European soccer match.

popular in Europe
equivalent to American football
large crowds
There is constant physical contact between spectators at these soccer matches.
you feel every important moment of the play with the inhale and exhale of the entire crowd at each shot

body limbs become tense with anticipation at a goal being scored

crowd mentality
follow the leader
strength in numbers
The outcome, victory of defeat is the needed release.
if the match is tied after regulation, there is more time added on

The four navy blue boxes contain the four trigger words recognized in the preview (bold) and what prior knowledge the reader was able to activate from that word. The navy blue text in the gray box is the prediction the reader made based on his/her prior knowledge. All of that took place in the pre-read. The text in red is the point the author made about the topic based on the specifics retained which are in red in the white boxes. Notice too, that the topic was also revised after the reading (the revision is in red). The specifics and the minor details retained for those specific (black type) were accommodated into what is now the readers prior knowledge with respect to the crowd mentality at European soccer matches. All of this took place in the post-read.