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Tips and Tricks for Online and Hybrid Courses


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Tip #1 It is vital to shape your vision for the class. 

While doing this ask yourself:

  • What are your goals and objectives for your learners?
  • What parts of your course are key to learning the subject?
    • Focus less on teaching and more on learning
  • What presentation options effectively communicate with your learners?
    • Think creatively, but simply and remember that advanced learners may do well with text while basic skills students need shorter, simpler modules and appreciate lots of visual cues
  • Organize the content modules.

Trick # 1 Remember the BASE Method.

  • Borrow approaches that work for your content and recognize that not all approaches work well in all settings.  Some require sophisticated design or program work that may not translate into improved student learning.

  • Be careful to spend your design and content production time wisely.  What might seem "cool" and creative may confuse the students or take your time away from communicating your content and offering effective feedback.

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