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Financial Aid

Financial aid includes federal, state, and college assistance to help your community college students pay the cost of your their college education. Financial aid dollars are made available to students through three basic types of programs:

          1. Grants and Scholarships, which do not have to be repaid
          2. Employment which provides paid work experience on and off campus
          3. Loans which MUST be repaid with interest.

Financial aid is meant to supplement a student's existing income. It does not pay for all of their educational and living expenses.

The largest aid programs are funded by the federal government. The federal financial aid programs include:
        1. The Pell Grant
        2. SEOG Grants
        3. Federal Work Study
        4. Federal Loan Programs

There are also state programs that provide assistance to California residents:
        1. Cal-Grants
        2. Board of Governorís Enrollment Fee Waiver.

The application process for federal aid and the Cal Grant program begins in the January preceding the upcoming academic year. In order to be considered for both the federal aid and the Cal Grant programs, students should pick up a Financial Aid Application packet from their Financial Aid office, complete the required applications, and mail them by the deadline.

Students may apply for an enrollment fee-waiver throughout the academic year. Fee-waiver applications are available through the Financial Aid office.

Some of the financial aid scholarship and grant applications are also available online. Here are a few websites which can be helpful to students seeking information on financial aid.


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