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4faculty.org is a website and series of courses designed specifically for the needs of community college faculty. This project was launched by eleven community colleges in the fall of 1999. More than 200 faculty, administrators and technical staff have contributed to this site. Each of us hopes that the materials you find here will help to make your community college teaching experience even more successful. We also believe that careful preparation, an understanding of who our students are and how they learn will make it possible for us to reach students more effectively, enhancing their learning experience and facilitating their long term learning goals.
Member colleges utilize this site to communicate their policies, procedures and share teaching and learning materials with their faculty. Many colleges have chosen to share their materials. Throughout the site you'll find ideas that may help you or your college avoid reinventing the wheel.
We hope you'll find this site helpful, that you'll share your ideas for effective teaching and learning, and that you'll return here frequently throughout your career to find new materials and new ideas.


What are faculty saying about 4faculty.org?

  •  “It was /is practical advice that relates specifically to the quality of my teaching.” - Riverside Community College Instructor, 6-21-02

  •  “…I was also impressed with the amount of information and resources provided concerning student success and feel that I will refer to that information often.” - Diablo Valley College Instructor, 2-21-02

  •  “I will be paying attention to my natural learning/teaching style, and adapt my teaching style such that students of all learning styles can learn effectively from me.” - Santa Barbara City College Instructor, 2-21-02

  •  “What I learned about learning patterns helped me immensely in planning my classroom time more effectively. …I am still working on changes at every class based on what I have learned in this program.” - Mt. San Antonio College Instructor, 2-16-02

  •  "It's the best thing that ever happened to me. I spent $50,000 on graduate school and learned nothing about how to teach. This course just saved me." - Lisa Rodriguez, Ph.D

  •  ... More faculty comments


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About the Grants

Designed originally in 1999 as a pilot project for adjunct (part-time) faculty, 4faculty.org received funding from the U.S. Department of Education's FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education) and state funding from the California Community College Chancellor's Office Fund for Student Success.