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  What are faculty saying about 4faculty.org?

  •  “It was /is practical advice that relates specifically to the quality of my teaching.” - Riverside Community College Instructor, 6-21-02

  •  “…I was also impressed with the amount of information and resources provided concerning student success and feel that I will refer to that information often.” - Diablo Valley College Instructor, 2-21-02

  •  “I will be paying attention to my natural learning/teaching style, and adapt my teaching style such that students of all learning styles can learn effectively from me.” - Santa Barbara City College Instructor, 2-21-02

  •  “What I learned about learning patterns helped me immensely in planning my classroom time more effectively. …I am still working on changes at every class based on what I have learned in this program.” - Mt. San Antonio College Instructor, 2-16-02

  •  "It's the best thing that ever happened to me. I spent $50,000 on graduate school and learned nothing about how to teach. This course just saved me." - Lisa Rodriguez, Ph.D

  •  “…overall it was an excellent program. I liked ["Surviving the Journey"] because I have been so obsessed with doing a good job… I loved the program and it has been very helpful.” - San Diego City College Instructor, 5-14-02

  • “…the assessment chapters allowed me to adjust what I intend as outcomes for my students. We have objectives for courses in 4-year institutions that are sometimes only assumed; in the community college we build these objectives more concretely into our courses. …The other area that has definitely been of help centered on getting to know the community college system and services provided. …This course has spelled this out very clearly for me.” - Diablo Valley College Instructor, 2-21-02

  •  “Support services for students: I've already had one student approach me to explain that her poor performance on an exam is due to test anxiety. I referred her to the counseling center...” - Mt. San Antonio College Instructor, 2-15-02

  •  “The most useful aspect was the syllabus and lesson planning section. I learned about utilizing different strategies to meet the needs of different learners. …The lessons were great. …I will incorporate more visual and auditory resources and utilize the resources of my school to assist my students to be independent learners and take control of their educational endeavors.”
    Diablo Valley College Instructor, 2-15-02

  •  “I thought the whole program was a great way to ‘get your feet wet’ regarding the Community College.”
    Riverside Community College Instructor, 2-12-02

  •  “The most practical part of the course was the section on how to create a good course syllabus and the different ice-breaking techniques for the beginning of the class. I found these tips and suggestions to be most useful. … I have also become more aware of the needs of my students. I will try to use different methods of evaluation.” - Diablo Valley College Instructor, 2-12-02

  •  “Some students may need a little help to get through a course; others may need to build more skills. Being able to recognize students with more needs early in the semester may help them to complete the course. ...I will organize my daily activities into smaller modules, so students will learn at a pace that will make them feel more successful.” - Riverside Community College Instructor, 2-08-02

  •  “I enjoyed the sections on technology and assessment. These have the latest slant on these issues.” - Rio Hondo College Instructor, 2-05-02

  •  “I enjoyed the entire course… I found that the first day of class is one of the most important and the lesson provided a very good outline… I'm thinking over the types of assessments I will be giving and how to plan out my lessons to meet my objectives.” - Rio Hondo College Instructor, 2-01-02

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