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Why are we measuring your knowledge and your view of the module? 

The research design requires us to address the following summative evaluation:

How effective were the online lessons in communicating needed information to faculty? Self-test items at the end of each lesson will assess understanding of the material. Analysis of this data will enable us to identify the areas participants had difficulty understanding and will also provide overall scores for how well participants assimilated the material. 
How effective was the project in raising faculty’s confidence related to teaching? Faculty will complete surveys before and after their participation in the program. There will be a number of questions on the survey about respondents’ self-confidence related to teaching.  
How effective was the project in enhancing faculty’s sense of connectedness to their college? On the survey described above, there will also be a number of questions regarding faculty’s sense of connectedness to the college.  
How effective was the project in impacting the design and delivery of instruction?  Content analyses of participants’ pre- and post-program syllabi will enable us to analyze changes in the way courses are being offered. In addition, participants will be asked to share examples of how they formulated and/or revised their course based on the principles outlined in the faculty development course. Also, the post-program survey will ask faculty to evaluate the extent to which the course influenced the design and delivery of their courses.

How will these measures (multiple choice questions and survey information) be used? 

Survey and testing results are gathered by the grant's independent evaluators for their use in evaluating the effectiveness of the course.  While they will note completion of the course for individual faculty members (and that completion record will be returned to your college), no data about the quality of individual performance will be returned to the campuses.  We are measuring our success as much as yours.   If you aren't succeeding in this course, we won't see that are your weakness (actually we won't know which individuals did or did not succeed)  we will see it as ours and seek to improve the materials or their means of delivery until we achieve the desired objectives.


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